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Name:Caustic Ammunition
Website:old graphics community
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formally [info]sp_iconiness

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If you're looking for my fanfiction, it's all here: [info]unique_banality

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adam baldwin, alkaline trio, alona tal, alyson hannigan, anberlin, angel, anton yelchin, aquateen hunger force, army of darkness, battlestar galactica, ben kowalewicz, bill and ted, billy talent, blade trinity, blake lively, blindside, boondock saints, buffy the vampire slayer, callum keith rennie, cam gigandet, carmilla, castiel, chris pine, chuck, comic books, comics, constantine, daredevil, dark angel, david anders, dean/jo, dexter, eddie redmayne, edward norton, elektra, ellen page, emily browning, envy on the coast, fanmixes, fantastic four, firefly, frank iero, garrett hedlund, gaspard ulliel, generation kill, ghost rider, graphic design, green lantern, griffin o'conner, hannibal lecter, hannibal rising, hayden christensen, hellblazer, hellboy, heroes, horror movies, house, jackson rathbone, jake abel, james bond, james marsters, jamie bell, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, john constantine, jonathan tucker, jumper, justin chatwin, kate mara, kitty/pyro, kyle gallner, kyle reese, kyro, lady in the water, leathermouth, linkin park, logan lerman, lyrics, majandra delfino, marvel, matthew goode, mayday parade, mikey way, milo ventimiglia, misfits, misha collins, music, my chemical romance, mythology, patrick wolf, percy jackson, peter pan, pirates of the caribbean, rachel weisz, ralph fiennes, reading, robert downey jr., robert sheehan, roleplaying, ryan reynolds, sarcasm, science fiction, scrubs, sebastian stan, seth green, shia labeouf, smallville, smashing pumpkins, sondre lerche, spiderman, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, stephen king, superheroes, supernatural, sylar, terminator, the black donnellys, the chronicles of narnia, the chumscrubber, the mummy, the mummy returns, the office, the vampire diaries, tommy donnelly, transformers, true blood, wanted, watchmen, wayne's world, web design, whedonverse, whitest kids u know, william control, writing, x-men, zach braff, zachary quinto
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